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tv   KTVU Morning News  FOX  August 7, 2014 6:00am-7:01am PDT

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two hurricanes heading to hawaiicould ruin in vacation plans what people need to know. >> reporter: he is accused of home invasion and sexual assault. >> it upsets me that he was able to do this again. >> reporter: what one woman said that he did the same thing to her and asking why he still was not in jail. and some bay area emergency room treatments will have to go someplace else to get treatment. the hospital that will stop accepting ambulances at 7:00 this morning. turn down the volume on beyonce and jay-z. your morning news continues. good morning. we're tracking the progress of
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hurricane iselle it looks huge in that picture as it makes its way to the hawaiian island. the direct hit probably on the big island ever high high. and -- of hawaii. right now is about 400 miles away. in the bay area it is a hot topic at sfo this morning. and we're at the airport live talking to people heading to hawaii and he just talked to a family headed to the middle of it all. thank you for joining us. it is thursday august 7th. i'm pam cook. >> and i'm dave clark. back to fog and low clouds. but let's talk about iselle, a category 1. it's really accelerating northwest at 18 miles an hour. the mountain areas and the windward side of the island looks like they'll take the brunt of this. but hurricane warnings out for
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the big guy lands and there will be a lot of rain. it will weaken as it moves over the mountain areas. but there's tropical storm warnings as it skeets and go south exits and go to maui. the low clouds and fog is gone. back to a normal pattern for us. low 60s for some and 50s for others. there's a big fog bank out there. and okay breeze. tropical clouds moving out. fog along the coast t is not going anywhere. it will be a little breezy at time. and temperatures 60s to 90s. something is blocking the lanes on interstate 280. it is blocking the right lane near highway 17 and crews are working to get that out of the way.
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so that could affect traffic this morning. traffic looking good there. those lanes on the right side going towards the south bay towards san jose looking good as we speak. and the bay bridge toll plaza and the traffic getting back to the foot of the maize. and traffic, 2025 minutes to get you across the span. and the south bay right now, not looking too bad. northbound 101 starting to pick up from east of the san antonio street, and so far not too bad. happening now, hawaii bracing for hurricane iselle and jewel yes, hawaii looks calm and -- julio. hawaii looks calm right now but that could change this time today. people are filling up and distributing sandbags right now because of the possible flooding. and hurricane julio who was
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expected to hit on saturday is upgraded to a category 2 storm. and the two hurricanes are messing up travel plans for some people in the bay area. a couple of flights from san francisco international airport to the hawaiian islands have been canceled. some flights are still traveling to the islands. we're at sfo right now. >> reporter: a lot of the travelers are telling me that we are not that worried about the two storms heading to the island right now. but there are some people that may be worried because their flights may be delayed and pushed back. and several flights have been canceled. hurricane iselle is barring done on the big island. and we're seeing a lot of
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travelers trying to get to hawaii before the category 1 storm hits. iselle is expected to bring heavy rain and high surf and it could disrupt more than a few vacations. we spoke to a family from san francisco heading out for hawaii. and they know that the win is storms may keep them indoors during the. >> i that is okay. we're going hang out and relax and read books. this is not our first time to hawaii. we know we can still swim if the wind is not so bad outside. >> reporter: and iselle is just the beginning, the first of two storms that will hit hawaii in the next two days. and julio is now a category 2 storm. and some airlines are giving their customers a break. hawaiian and united will not charge customers to change their flights because of the
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storms and some big hotels on the islands will not charge the cancellation fee. there could be more cancellations as we move through the day. on our website,, we compiled information about various airline policies with storms. you can find it in the hot topic section on the front page. a suspect that led officers through a high-speed chase is still on the run this morning. oakland police and sheriff deputies eventually stopped the suspect's car on international boulevard near 96th avenue. he got up to speeds of more than 100 miles an hour. after the car's stopped, he ran into a neighborhood and a police dog turned up nothing. no word on why the car was being chased in the first place. a man who is arrested for
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victimizing is released from jail and now allegedly struck again. he was arrested over the weekend after accused of sexually assaulting his woman and tying up her daughter. how is it affecting the suspect's past victim. >> reporter: this was upsetting for this woman who said that she was traumatized by morris last year and she doesn't understand how the justice system could have released him to soon and she is question what happened. he had been released from jail in april but arrested this past sunday for kidnapping and sexual assault and bad try after police said that he broke into a home and tied up a mother and daughter. free mount woman crystal -- was shocked because he tried to
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break into her apartment and torched her car before leading the police on a high chase. he was sentenced to seven months in jail and in light of what has happened now, she is questioning it all. >> >> accomplished so many things that tormented me and my family to this days. with seven months, that is a slap on the wrist. it is not enough. >> reporter: and the police said that morris has confessed in his involvement in the latest case. and the district attorney's office said that it cannot comment further on morris. he has three prior felony convictions and morris is under a psychiatric hold in jail. five teens arrested for stealing a car in redwood city could be linked to several other car thefts and burglaries in the area cord together
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police. the latest one happened monday in the emerald hills area. they use low jack to track the car to downtown and they spotted the teens getting into the car on tuesday. two 13-year-old boys and two 14- year-old boys and one 17-year- old were taken into custody. and investigators said that one of the teens was linked to at least six other car thefts in the redwood city area and they say that all five are suspects in several residential burglaries. starting in an hour, the cash strapped medical center center will stop accepting ambulances. they will accept walk-ins. but 7:00 this morning, ambulances will be redirected to other emergency rooms in the area. and the struggling hospital scheduled close in october but may close sooner since many hospital workers have left for other jobs. a creek on the peninsula is
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still offlimits to the public because of a sewage sewage leak. we told you about t and the sewage leak has been fixed. but it is still not safe for people to go near the creek in laurel. beyonce and jay-z wrapped up their on the run in our san francisco but in a slightly quieter way. they still made some noise. but last night's show was quieter-the city was flooded of more than a hundred noise complaints. the city also sent out the sound meters. they assigned two inspectors from the entertainment commission to go to the most affected neighborhoods. and last night's show was notice by quieter but fans were
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still excited. >> i hope no adjustments. beyonce ruleses the world. it's one more night. they can deal with it. >> and the last time they used the sound meters it was in 2005 because of a rolling stones concert and they don't want to be too tough on performers because at&t park is a concert venue and they want people to come here and perform. >> people living near said they could hear it very clearly. staying safe while rocking out. the changes being made to this year's outside lands festival in the wake of a serious allegation and lawsuit. some topics are not safe for the youth to be introduced to at that age. >> and a new text book that some parents say is too sexy for high school freshman. and the taboo topics that triggered the petition.
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and traffic is starting to pick up on the bay bridge this morning. we'll see how this is affecting the traffic on the east shore freeway. thankfully our weather has returned to a more normal temperature. we got rid of the high clouds and now we'll focus the big island because there's a hurricane to hit there tonight and tomorrow.
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in the middle east, a three
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day ceasefire due to expire late tonight. and the israeli and the palestinians have been working through egyptian mediatetors. but no deal -- mediators. but no deal yesterday. it has left more than a million people with not enough water and electricity. in about two hours, president obama will sign into law, a sweeping overhaul of veterans' health okay the $16.3 billion measure will allow veterans to seek and see private doctors if they cannot get an appointment with a va facility. and it will make it easier to fire senior va employees accused of neglecting patients. and that comes in the wake of a congressional investigation into allegations that some va facilities falsified records to cover up long wait times for
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veterans and some veterans may have died while waiting for health care. a woman that became lost for a week in a city park in san francisco has now been found. she went out for a walk a week ago and she never came back. and police officers on dirt bikes found her huddled under a bush. >> so many missing people out there. and to actually find somebody and reunite them with their family could not be a better feeling. >> miss wilson was taken to a hospital to be examined. she was treated and she had not ate or drank for seven days. she was released yesterday. she's now back home with her family. some east bay parents are threatening to sue over sex education classes that they say are too explicit for fresh mans. they say that the course
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material is designed for college courses. >> teacher doesn't teacher single page and every single item in the textbook. the teacher say what are the parts that i need to use in order to meet the california standard. >> more than 1200 people have signed and on line petition demanding that the district stop using the book. and some parents are planning to take legal action. and students can opt out of the class if it violates their believes. in san jose, sacred heart look for help to give needy kids the school supplies they need. this is hoping to provide 2800 kids with the items that they need to go back it school. there's video from last year's give away. and sacred heart said they still need about 600 backpacks to reach their goal. and they'll accept donations
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through tomorrow on south first street in san jose. brian flores is doing a fantastic job for sal. there's a lot to monitor over here. >> sal has screens here and there and two tv screens behind. highway 24 behind me. this is highway 24 from lafayette to the tunnel. you see a little backup that is typical traffic. not looking too bad. a little worse news on the bay bridge toll plaza. and the meettorring lights are on. and taking a look at the maps now, highway 4 and the pittsburgh bay point area starting to pick up that is typical traffic again and we
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head a little west southbound 80. and that was an accident from earlier this morning and it doesn't seem took if he canning traffic. and look at highway 238. it looks like it is getting a little better from hayward to union city. and the little eye sconce not an injury collision and it appears to be affecting traffic. you were do you think a great job and now you're doing an okay job. you're doing fine thanks, steve. we have a lot of low clouds around. and the tropical clouds are gone for a few days. and there's a sunshine it may come back on monday. the hurricane iselle is 90 miles an hour. and it is take aim near helow.
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the mountain areas and the windward side. and it looks like this will be the heavy rain. and the tropical storm. this will be late here tonight and tomorrow this goes over the mountain areas. and it will start to weaken a little. and it may pick up a little more energy that's heads back out into open water but the mountain area cans knock it -- areas can knock it down. water temperatures 59 to 62. no problems with the fog forming. and there's the low that gave us the tropical clouds that is accelerating out of the picture. the humidity factor has been through the roof. things will be a little better today and we still have high humidity but the temperatures are cooler by the coast.
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and we had yesterday the morning rain and the clouds. and the temperature rocketed item. and this one is from the north. and that last one came in from the south. this headed to nevada. and the next one will come down and that will be a little different pattern that will give us a cooler pattern. 50s and 60s on the temperatures. we lost a lot of the cloud cover. but most locations stay cloudy with fog. 48 in tahoe, 64 in sacramento. and higher tropical clouds trying their best to pop up a few more showers and i think they're out of the pick and enough drier air has moved in and west low clouds and fog. and it will be warm to hot for some and cool to mild for others. and 80s, closer to the bay and 67 closer to the water. today looks to be the warmest.
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friday will be a little bit on the cool side and so cooling trend saturday and sunday. happening right now, the body of a u.s. general killed in afghanistan is being returned to dover air force base in delaware. we want to take you live through the this morning. a dramatic ceremony today after secretary of state john kerry arrived in afghanistan on an unannounced visit. major general harold good evening the highest ranking officer to be killed in afghanistan. -- green, the highest ranking officer to be killed in afghanistan, and the highest member of the military to be killed since the vietnam war. a bay area woman snuck onto a plane and flew to the sacramento area said that
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welcome back. walnut creek police want help to find a suspect accused of stealing a package offer the doorstep of a walnut creek house. it happened tuesday night on trotter court. it was captured the on surveillance video. the police say this man escaped with about a $100 worth of diapers and baby formula they believe he is driving an older gray gmc truck. anyone with information is called to call the walnut creek police. family and friends of an iraq war veteran who was shot four time are trying drum up community support for him. he was walking home last friday and he yelled a speeding car to slow down and the people in the car fired shots and shot him several times. he's now in intensive care and had several surgeries. the east county veteran services are asking children to write get well letters for him.
6:27 am
>> he comes home after serving our country thinking that he is safe and walking to his house and he gets shot. how can you imagine that? >> >> recipient of a purple heart is a father of five and served four tours of duty in iraq. this is video of him two years ago. this is the warrior foundation gave him and his family a new house mortgage free. there's an act for donations at the mechanics bank in pittsburgh. she got a mosquito bite and now she is paralyzed. >> both legs were gone overnight. >> coming up, the advice she's giving as we learned that two californians have died from the west nile virus. outside lands music festival gets underway tomorrow and we'll tell you about the tour and the venue and the security changes coming this
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welcome back to ktvu news morning news. a lot of travelers getting nervous about not one but two hurricanes aiming for hawaii. alex savage is at the airport and tell you how the storm is affecting travelers this morning. thank you for joining us on ktvu news morning news. it's thursday, august 7th. i'm dave clark. >> and i'm pam cook. alex is getting good comments,
6:31 am
they're heading out there. thing that is the way most people feel. we have a lot of fog here. and here comes iselle really accelerating at 18 miles an hour and 90-mile-an-hour category 1, heavy rain. it looked like it is heading south of the mountain areas. there will be copious amounts of rain. it will move over the big island and weaken as it moves over the higher elevations. and julio is expected to go north. that will not be till the weekend. but tonight and tomorrow is front and center on the big island. lots of fog and the higher tropical clouds are gone. it feels a little cooler, not that tropical feel like we had the last couple days.
6:32 am
the breeze is okay. 18, gusts to 28. that is not bad for the delta breeze. and trop saying clouds like they may flirt a little bit east of reno. there will be lots of clouds on the coast. 80s and 90s and 60s for others by the water. traffic starting to pick up on this thursday. but bigger picture not looking too bad this morning. take a look at interstate 880 near the coliseum this morning. it is not looking too bad this morning. take a look at this this is the east shore freeway. and that is not a bad alternative. the east shore freeway is not looking too bad. if we can get this camera up, there we go. those lanes on the right side heading to san jose not looking too bad and the other direction looking great. and take a look at the maps, westbound 580 typical traffic
6:33 am
in the livermore valley. happening now, there's a rush on food, gas and other supplies in hawaii. the lines are long again at costco. people are waiting in line for gas. big box stores like costco and home depot have been trying to keep up with the demand for water and other essentials. but in some cases, the supplies have ran out. people are getting ready for the pair of storms. iselle is expected to dumb a foot of rain and in the last 40 minutes, julio was upgrated to a category 2 hurricane, maximum winds of a hundred miles an hour. bay area travelers planning a trip to hawaii are scramble to go get to the islands before the first hurricane hits. many people said they have no
6:34 am
choice but to go ahead with their vacations. >> reporter: you got to go even with the two storms moving into hawaii right now. some travelers told me they are not sweating it all that much. they plan to sneak in before the first hurricane sits and ride things out. but there are some people that could be in trouble. one flight to hawaii has been canceled at sfo today. and hurricane iselle bearing down on the big island and the forecasts believe it will make landfall. we talked to a family leaving for hawaii and they are not going to let the wild weather ruin their stay. >> we've been there before, last year-round this time, where there was supposed to be a hurricane, tropical storm coming through. my aunt lives there so she's giving us little local updates. >> reporter: she is the first of two storm as it will hit
6:35 am
iowa over the coming days. and hurricane julio will make landfall this weekend. and because of the back to back storms, some airlines are giving their customers a break, both united and hawaiian said they will not charge any fees for customers to change reservations and there are some hotel chains that said they will be dropping their cancellation fees as well because of the weather in high high. one flight to hawaii has been canceled today and the airport duty manager told me they are going to keep an eye on things through the day. check with your airline before you head to the airport. live this morning, alex savage, ktvu news. >> don't forget on our website,, we have information about various airline policies on storms. the bay area woman, the one that snuck on a flight from the
6:36 am
bay area to los angeles is talk about how she did it and why she did it. she walked out after pleading no contest to a misdemeanor charge of no trespassing. she was ordered to stay away from the lax. she said that she is homeless and she only has 4.25 to her name. she said that she didn't mean cause trouble but her life is pretty bad. what is your desperate situation? >> homelessness. i had been in awful situations and so i took desperate measures. an american first and foremost. and i believe very strongly in the security of this country. in that regard, it was stupid. >> she doesn't know what she's going to do next. and her social security debit card was stolen and the jail guards gave her directions to go to a shelter near the
6:37 am
airport last night. and we examine how she was able to get past security and get on the plane without a boarding pass. a source familiar with the investigation said that she went around a tsa agent who was busy dealing with family and she did go through the security that checks for explosives. she tried to get on an alaskan flight but was turned away. and then she got on a southwest airlines plane and got past and agent who was busyworking with a group of passengers. suspended senator ge and chow will return to a san francisco federal court. they and 27 other people are
6:38 am
charged in a wide range fraud case. this morning is a status conference at 10:00. and that means that the judge and the lawyers go will over the progress of the case and set a timeline for future court proceedings. the trial dates could be set at the hearing. this weekend is the big outside lands music festival in san francisco. it will be in golden gate park again. and you say that thousands of fans are expected. so they're trying to prepare keep people safe out there. good morning. is one of the big priorities out here at outside lands to maintain everyone's safety. take a look at this main stage right now. you see it has coming to the nicely and we'll take a big sweeping pan to give you a sense of how big this festival is. and last minute preparations are underway but there are big changes for the tens of thousands of fans expected to flood this weekend.
6:39 am
and we had a chance to walk around the venue and saw a lot of construction projects being worked on and the activity picks up at 7:00 this morning this year there is and added emphasis on security. there will be surveillance cameras and a police command station right here at the venue keeping an eye on the big crowds. this move after a lawsuit from last year after a sexual assault event that happened in 2012. and organizers are working closely with the police in coordinate safety efforts. and there will be more water stations at outside lands and a big new screen at the twin peaks main stage. and totums, the big signs that people use to find their friends, they come with size restrictions. they cannot be more than six feet tall.
6:40 am
they have to be made with cloth and foam and balloon. you see them getting to work on the last minute preps out here. walk go to and check out hot detail like how to get to from and around this venue. a lot going on at outside lands this year. and one of the big named perform nears this year is kayne west. construction crews continue to work on sure francis drake boulevard. a portion of the road near san joaquin state prison was damaged. cleanup efforts have been taking place a few days a week since this accident. and they are still closing part of the road that was saturated with the -- with gas. and the road will be closed till the work it done. and the bay area hospital
6:41 am
that will stop accepting ambulances later this morning. he's accused of home invasion and sexual assault. >> it upsets me that he had the opportunity to do this again. >> >> reporter: what one fremont woman said that the same man did to her asking why he was not still in jail. and we're approaching the heart of the commute and traffic is expected to pick up. we'll give you a more details traffic report in the south basement. nice over the big city and the clouds have moved out thankfully and the low clouds are in place. and we'll talk about our forecast and the change and the hawaiian islands being front and center right now. hey can you fix this? sure... you bet! that's our new interactive speaker wall. 'sup? thinks it's a speak-ing wall. this can even dim your lights. your 3-d-printed girlfriend will love that. real mature.
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police said that this woman tied up two women over the weekend and sexually assaulted one of them and this came as a shock to an alleged past victim that talked to us about what happened to her. and we're live from fremont to explain what that is about. good morning. >> reporter: good morning. this fremont woman said that she was shockd when she saw morris's mug shot on the news over the weekend. said that what morris did to
6:45 am
her last year was terrifying. and she doesn't understand why he was let out of jail. he was arrested sunday after police say that he robbed and tied up two women and sexually assaulted the mother in fremont. but that wasn't his first encounter with the police. last august, fremont resident said that attempted to break into their apartment and torched her car before leading the officers on a high speed chase down interstate 880. the system failed because morris struck again and she feels for the latest victims. >> i broke down crying. i broke down crying because hearing the entire situation, it made me remember of that could have been next was he
6:46 am
going to try to hurt me and my children? was he going going to attempt to rape me. >> reporter: she said that justice was not served in her case but she hopes it will for the latest accusers. the district attorney said it cannot comment on the case. according to court documents, he has three prior convictions and right now he is under a psychiatric hold in jail. state health officials have announce two deaths linked to west nile virus. and for the second week in a row, they will use a plane to conduct widespread spraying for the mosquitos. they will be in davis and wood land where west nile activity is intense. and the crews will conduct ground fogging in san jose. and people have questions about the safety of the mosquito
6:47 am
spraying. but one that contracted the west nile in 2005 after a mosquito bite has a message. she said the disease has changed her life. she went to bed not feeling well and woke up paralyzed. after hearing about the recent deaths, she felt it was important to speak out. >> this could happen. please don't fight spraying. don't fight deet. >> a spokesperson said that the chemicals have been rigorously tested. and the deaths linked to the west nile, the first case is a 74-year-old woman from sacramento county. and the second case involves an adult from that is at shasta
6:48 am
county. today there was a memorial in australia for the more than three dozen out ofan citizens that died when a plane was shot down over ukraine. >> australia's prime minister spoke this morning at this memorial service in melbourne. he promised the victims' families that the criminals that brought down the plane will be brought to justice. 238 people were killed when the malaysian airlines boeing 777 went down three weeks ago. and now let's check in with tory. good morning. coming up on mornings on 2-rbgs sad news. the 91-year-old mother of apple cofounder has died. we're learning more about her strong influence on her son and her first less than flattering i am pretties of his buddy steve jobs. and paul mccartney made a lasting impression on a mother
6:49 am
and daughter. what he did at a concert in montana that left a permanent mark on the ladies. a new problem uncovered concerning certain ink and the damage that it can cause. those are some of the stories that we're working on for mornings on 2. let's check the commute now. brian is in for sal. it is not look too bad out. i like to bring the positive out. it is not looking too bad in the south bay. the traffic and the cars heading towards you, those are cars heading to santa clara. typical traffic so head out the door. and taking a look at the maps, it is bad westbound 580. this is typically bad this time of the day. and in the oakland area and the east bay, you see the bay bridge, it is starting to pick up near the toll plaza. and back down to south bay,
6:50 am
taking a little time there. starting to pick up northbound on 101 and is starts getting better around the key. and the toll plaza starting to get better there. it is starting to get bad now, 20, 25 minutes to get awe cross the span. 6:49. >> we're getting a lot of play on twitter. some of you are clever. a lot of low clouds are back. there's a fog bank and the tropical clouds are gone. let's talk about the two hurricanes. one is iselle it a category one and julio is category 2 they're taking different paths in the next 72 to 96 hours.
6:51 am
this looks home ever -- like that is moving close to helow. and it goes south of maui. the 90, 95-mile-an-hour winds will do damage but there is going to be heavy rain on the big island. but tonight it is the big island. and we have a lot of clouds and fog in place. and thankfully, the humidity factor moved out. and there's another low dropping in and this one came up from the south. you remember that came up from southern california and back into the sacramento area and moved out. we had the morning rain yesterday. it was nice and smelled good. and then the humidity was high and the next low dropping in is
6:52 am
from the north. and it may tap into more tropical clouds next week. today anywhere from low 60s to mid-90s for some there's and a delta breeze. 60s to 70s for the interior and upper 60s all the way down to san diego. and the showers moving out and a couple popup showers near careen know. the -- near reno. temperatures anywhere from 60 to the 90s. but a lot less way in the humidity factor here. and 80s and 90s and 60s and 70s. and we find the fog bank friday and it gives us a little cooldown. and we may tap into some clouds
6:53 am
by monday. victims of a cyber attack, the government workers that have had their personal information stolen and the surprising claim about who is responsible for the hacking. people paying to rent a house own through find out that the house was already sold. the scheme that this man is accused of that caused the victims hundreds of dollars.
6:54 am
6:55 am
6:56 am
a 21-year-old man from san francisco is arrested. he's accused of setting up a craigslist rental scam. he posted a home for rental in hercules this week. he tried to scam to women out of a 1500 security d and the police arrest the him and found out that he was out on bail on felony charges in san francisco. take a look at his picture. if you think you've been a victim of his scam, get in contact with the hercules police. a hearing on the ebola virus in africa as the cdc issues its highest alert. the cdc declared a level one alert that is the highest since a deadly flu outbreak it 2009. and 932 people have died after
6:57 am
contracting ebola virus in west africa we'll bring you a live report from washington about the ebola virus meeting on capitol hill and what the world health organization may do to address the outbreak. there's good news from the labor department this morning. the jobless claim fell to 280,000. the low level of initial claims points to stronger mick growth and they add that hiring is up and that is likely to continue through the end of the year. dish network could make a bid for t-mobile. they say it makes sense for the television operate tonight they were looking for a -- operator. they were looking for a partner now that the paid tv business has stalled. and hurricane iselle is taking aim on hawaii. and what travelers are saying that their vacation plans could be blown away
6:58 am
and the serious changes to expect if you are heading to the big land concert weekend and the conditions that prompted the changes. stay with us. save hundreds on beautyrest and posturepedic.ay at sleep train, choose $300 in free gifts with tempur-pedic. even choose 48 months interest-free financing on the new tempur-choice. the triple choice sale ends sunday at sleep train.
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it's the drinking water.
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energies. >> hawaii on alert. the government is urging people braces panic as the state for the first direct hurricane hit in 22 years. and with those twin hurricanes taking in hawaii right now. people with vacation plans could be in trouble. what we are learning about flight cancellations because of those storms. as of now, some emergency patients will need to look elsewhere for help. the bay area hospital that just stopped accepting ambulances. >> we will give you a sneak peek at the outside land music festival venue here in san francisco and tell you about security mer ours they are taking this year when "mornings on 2" starts right now. 7:00 and we have live at sfo this morning where anxious travelers who had plans to enjoy a relaxing va


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